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4 bands with 10 songs to document an important time in their lives to celebrate their first ever tour.

An initial run of 50 tapes (yellow sleeve) was made to coincide with the Reagent Bands UK Tour of 2014.

Another run of 50 (blue sleeve) was made available in time for the Static Shock Weekender, 2014.

A final run of 50 (red sleeve) was made to accompany ZFE on their March Weekender of 2015 in Ireland.



released August 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Reagent Records England, UK

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Track Name: No Form - Goddess Of Fire/Barrier
Goddess Of Fire:
This road doesn't traverse both ways, not accountable for what you want to see. No reason to be fair, or just. Reduce your bridge to rubble. You're caught half way. Rocks fill the exit to the tunnel. It consumes. Cultivate; remove the spawning scum from your mind. Cultivate; grab the cosmetic poison from behind. Goddess Of Fire.

I cannot contain the pain. Acid blood intrudes the vain. There's plasmatic ooze within my brain. The lakes become the acrid rain. Like a cloud that looms above my head, this twisted skull it leaves me dead. The moral obligation of life is nothing more than painful strife. When I'm walking down the street of the city that I know best, that's when I see myself, or what's left. I want to go back.
Track Name: Bad Manifest - Blinded
Epitome of hypocrisy, as you pretend to give a shit, unaware of your ignorance, you've been blinded. You're aware of the injustice but you refuse to do a thing, unaware of your ignorance, you've been blinded.
Blinded by ignorance.
Track Name: Bad Manfiest - Dialect
Fear holds me back it keeps me close, recoils words from within my throat, my language dead, my words are dust, I find no solace no one to trust.

There's always words behind my teeth, my thoughts are always mine to keep, nothing less, nothing more, this life I live that I abhor.

Misanthropic tenancies, have always got the best of me, this pool of shit I'm living in, dosen't seem to fucking end
Track Name: Bad Manifest - Empty Space
Decrepit forms, inside my brain, twisted figures, unfriendly shapes, warped visions, from a different place, a cold welcome, from an empty space.

Apparitions cloud my view, dead words, screaming through, I'm, in a constant, unstable state, is this my world?

Cold ideas, replace vapid thoughts, reality, has been cut off, no affection, no love lost, an eternal sentence, undefined cost.

Your world just aint the same as mine.
Track Name: Jason & The Argosnauts - Standing Tall
Standing tall, above all, clinging to authority like a fly on shit, gotta feel power, feel like a man, only a man can do what I can.
Standing tall above all, ignorance as a shield. Shallow prick.
Track Name: Jason & The Argosnauts - Exploited
Push them down, into the ground, they don't matter just a face in the crowd.
Exploit people, exploit animals, exploit nature, exploit yourselves.
Exploit ore die, crime always pays, honesty's a lie, there is no better way.
They don't matter just a face in the crowd.
Track Name: Jason & The Argosnauts - Bottle Of Courage
Get your courage from a bottle, you drink poison as a cure, empty words and mindless thoughts, no emotions except withdrawl.
Your life is empty your mind is blank, measure your value in how much you drank, useless and pointless never use your mind, too stupid to realise why you got left behind
Track Name: ZFE - Condensed/Limited Resource
Pathetic, for fucks sake this smacks banality. Thinking it's enough to constitute an existence. Subject yourself for average intelligence. Day by day dictated by servility and routine. Settle for convenience and acceptance. Afraid. Such a waste of flesh. Hate suffices as reason.

Condensed Flesh
It's all fucking scripted, reiterated down to each repeated detail

Limited Resource:
Banal justification of faith, without God there is no hope.
As if you're owed this hope by default.
Facile strife, blight on the mind.
It's a lack of imagination to derive a sense of purpose
With God as your only fucking source